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International Real Estate Broker, Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Branding Coach, Investor, Developer

Falesha is a powerhouse in the world of real estate, an unstoppable force driving success and innovation. As a Serial Entrepreneur, International Real Estate Broker, Entertainer, Construction Mogul, Business Branding Coach, and Best-Selling Author, Falesha's dynamic journey is reshaping the industry.


From her early years in Toronto, Falesha's pursuit of her passions and dreams has led to her influence, not only in the city, but across North America. With unwavering determination, she bulldozes barriers and blazes trails, leaving no obstacle unconquered.


In 2017, Falesha ventured into real estate, obtaining her license as a Real Estate Broker. As she expanded her reach, she delved into the construction and development sector, launching Falesha Homes Inc. Her expertise empowers clients throughout Ontario to navigate the buying, selling, building, and renovating of their homes. Falesha's mentorship and unwavering support inspire aspiring real estate agents to devlop their careers and become top producers. 


Falesha's entrepreneurial journey began at the remarkable age of fifteen when she founded her first company, Diva Diverse. This groundbreaking venture revolutionized the dance industry, providing platforms for talented dancers of diverse backgrounds and styles to perform in prestigious venues internationally.


Her boundless creativity and passion for beauty emerged from her dance background, where she discovered the need for makeup that caters to diverse skin tones. Falesha's own experiences as a person of color and mixed heritage fueled her dream of creating a makeup line that addresses this gap. In 2019, she transformed that dream into reality with the birth of FR BEAUTY, an inclusive and accessible makeup brand. In a remarkably short period, Falesha has achieved extraordinary milestones, cementing her position as a true visionary.


To share her experiences with the world, Falesha poured her heart into her 2021 best-selling book, "Her Vision." In its pages, she invites readers into her life, providing a captivating glimpse into her personal journey, her businesses, and the challenges she has faced and overcome.


Falesha lives by a powerful mantra: "Don't be afraid to fail; be afraid of not reaching your goals and not being the BEST version of yourself in this lifetime." This fearless approach resonates throughout her career, inspiring others to pursue their dreams and strive for excellence in every endeavour.

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