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Serial Entrepreneur, Author, Business Coach, Investor, Developer

Falesha is a serial entrepreneur, real estate broker, business coach, entertainer, construction mogul, and best-selling author. Falesha has been dominating first Toronto, and then North America, since her teens. Bulldozing her way across the country, there’s nothing holding Falesha back! Growing up in Toronto, Falesha worked hard to pursue her passions and dreams. Her childhood experiences motivated her to help others succeed today. Falesha started her first company, Diva Diverse, at the tender age of fifteen and since then has been exploring all avenues of entrepreneurship. Diva Diverse has made it possible for dancers of all cultural backgrounds and dance styles to perform in venues across the country. Falesha ventured into the world of real estate and became a licensed real estate broker in 2017. She expanded into the construction and development sector, launching Falesha Homes Inc., and helping clients across Ontario purchase, sell, build, and renovate their homes. She offers mentorship and support to clients looking to enter the housing market through fractional investment opportunities. Falesha also assists with private lending options to help clients achieve their home-ownership goals in a world of challenging mortgage requirements.

Her background in dance exposed her to makeup at a young age and being a person of colour and mixed heritage, Falesha struggled to find makeup that was a perfect fit for her skin tone. Knowing that many other people also face the same challenges, Falesha always dreamed of creating her own makeup line which could provide the solution. This dream became a reality in 2019 when she created FR BEAUTY, an inclusive and accessible makeup line. In such a short amount of time, Falesha has already accomplished many exceptional achievements, and to share some of her experiences with the world, she put everything into a book in 2021. The best-selling, Her Vision, invited readers into her life and walked them through her life experiences, her businesses, and her struggles.

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